Clubture forum

Clubture Network initiated in 2008 the program of Clubture Forum in order to create conditions for continuous transfer of information, specific knowledge and skills among independent cultural organizations, to strengthen partnerships among them and to contribute to their increased visibility vis a vis decision makers and wider public.

Every year the Forum has gathered a significant number of Clubture member organizations and local civil society and independent cultural organizations from the cities it takes place in. The Forum is a place of exchange of knowledge and experiences and it provides the possibility to address the issues of the independent culture in the local communities. Besides, by organizing public and open events, the Forum increases visibility and strengthens the influence of the independent culture in local communities.

Since 2008, the Forum has been held in the following cities: Rijeka, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Pula, Zadar, Split, Čakovec, Karlovac, Vukovar.